Treehouse will take place on saturday April 29 and the doors will open at 12.00.

We encourage strongly to come by foot, bike, or public transport. Car parking in the neighbourhood is very limited. If your car is parked illegally it will be towed without hesitation. We have a taxi zone in front of our location, as well as a parking for disabled persons.

Please, and we cannot mention this enough: respect our neighbours and their hood! It’s theirs and not (y)ours, we are all just guests.


What is the minimum age? You must be 18 years old.
Your identity can be checked by security personnel.
Can I re-enter after leaving? No. In is in. Out is out.
Can I bring drinks, drugs, or food? No. As mentioned above, we provide a wide range of reasonably priced drinks and foods.
Drugs are illegal.
Do I have to print my ticket? No, showing it on a (decent) smartphone should do the trick.
But we advise that one person shows one ticket,
that way there will be a minimum queue at the door.